Order Issues?

If you added Guide shipping protection at checkout you're covered. Simply File a Claim and we'll get started with your replacement order. 

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The Process

Add instant shipping protection, Get instant Peace of Mind.

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    Checkout with Confidence

    Shop online with confidence! Don't overthink it and certainly don't avoid it simply because you had a package that was porch pirated, or because your last packed showed up in pieces. Get what you want and then some, just be sure to Add Guide Shipping Protection at Checkout and you have nothing to worry about.

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    Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind is knowing your packages are protected in transit, and the assurance that your hard earned money used on your purchase is backed by Guide.

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    Filing Claims

    Your package doesn't show up or it shows up looking like it was drug behind the delivery truck. No worries, since you added Guide Shipping Protection you simply come to our website and file a claim using your email and order number. It's so quick & easy, you'll never want to online shop without us!  

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    Replacement Orders

    The last step of processing your claim is repurchasing the items from your order and sending them directly to you.